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    Should you refrain from dating during divorce? Divorce and dating is a bad combination for a number of strategic, legal, and emotional reasons. Find out why.

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    This article tells of some things we should consider before dating someone new before a divorce is final.

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    Comprehensive overview of Colorado divorce laws, Colorado statutes and guidelines, and Colorado divorce information and advice relating to the legal, financial and ...

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    People view dating after a divorce in different ways. For some, the hurt of a marriage falling apart is so heartfelt that there is no consideration of dating soon ...

  5. Advice on Dating during a divorce in Colorado – Page 1 - Avvo

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    • Перша публікація: 7/6/2015

    7/6/2015 · Dating during divorce is not illegal, but you should consider it carefully. In some states it may still have an effect on your divorce.

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    The impact of your dating during divorce on your legal proceedings can be devastating on many levels. Custody and Parenting Time.

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    Dating during divorce can have legal consequences both for the divorcing spouse and their new partner. Dating while separated can hold up and complicate the divorce ...

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    Rachel Brucks discusses issues of dating during divorce, or post-separation dating.

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    Filing and Service. A Colorado divorce begins with one spouse filing a summons and a petition for dissolution of the marriage. After the other spouse is served with ...

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    Answers to common questions about about divorce in Colorado.

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